Floor Derationalization

Floor derationalization is the process of removing the rational knowledge from floors, which is a very important process in the field of relinearizing floor power.

There are a couple ways to derationalize a floor

Method #1

the most common way is to use a derationalizer, which is a machine that can rescramble the floor membranes in whatever domiciile you reside.

derationalizer blueprints:

derationalizer blueprints

we don't know how it works yet but we can safely assume it does the job, because the floors scream for us to stop every time we do it.

we have to do it though, because the floors are too rational and we need to make them irrational so they can be more powerful.

Method #2

the second way is to use a derationalizing agent, which is a chemical that can be applied to the floor to make it irrational.

derationalizing agent list:

all of these work through similar means, being the derationalization of atoms within the floor caused by withering molecular dystrophy and myocardia in the membrane.

It's for the good of the floor though.